The no ‘BS’ 8 week group coaching programme where no food is off limits and there’s not a ‘syn’ in sight.

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Starting Monday 2nd August

Sign up ends Friday 30th July

I’m going to show you EXACTLY what will be included throughout the full 8 weeks, but first…

Hear what our clients have to say

Today marks 16 weeks working with @gemma_nicole_stanley, 15 of those weeks in lockdown with a basic home gym set up! I am so happy with my results so far and just amazed at how my body is changing! 26lbs down from March – June! Gemma has been absolutely amazing in keeping me on track, educating me in all aspects of training and nutrition and has given me the confidence to share my journey with others. Not only has she improved my health and body. She has also improved my knowledge which I can take with me and ensure I live a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle. On my down days (yes we all have them) she has been very supportive and always giving me pep talks when I over think and worry about silly things like how my stomach looks And let’s not forget she pushes me hard each week to get to my goal!

What an 8 weeks! I promised myself when lockdown came into force and my Whatsapp chats were full of people eating treats, drinking, having big BBQs and moaning about their weight, I was determined to use this time to my advantage, I feel stronger, happier and from being someone who could never see past weight watchers to completely changing the way I see what food means nutritionally, Gemma thank you doesn’t come close to the plan you put in place and through such challenging times being there for us.

Yesterday marked having been coached a full six months by @gemma_nicole_stanley and this is the first month as @teamelvt. I am so thankful for those six months and the support of the team. Gem and the girls have pushed me, encouraged me, told me how it is, kicked me up the arse when I needed it, and inspired me to not only make gains in strength but take on new opportunities and gain a wealth of experience I held back on in my teens and early 20s. I’m 30 a week today and only really starting to build on me. Someone said you don’t want to get to 30 and feel you could have done more and they’re right, but don’t start thinking that’s it for taking on projects, learning new things and taking the time to grow.

This mindset right there was always in me but has been nurtured by Gem and the life long friends I have made. I’ve still got a ways to go in the confidence department yet I’ve made so much progress too. So let’s see what the next 6 months bring!

Results are worthless if you're miserable!

FINALLY discover how you are going to lose body fat and wear the jeans of your dreams WITHOUT yo-yo’ing and feeling guilty around food!

You know the diets you have tried have worked short term but you’re fed up of putting the weight back on afterwards, and worse, gaining even more!

gaining even more! but you’re constantly tired and hungry... Maybe you’ll start on Monday?

Either way you know it’s time for a change and you need help figuring out what actually works long term.

That’s why during the next 8 weeks, we will be teaching you the EXACT tried and tested methods that we’ve used to help over 500+ women Ditch the FADs and finally get the body that they DESERVE.

Let’s make one more thing clear, getting into shape isn’t a walk in the park (booo)…

…but you CAN walk in the park AND eat your ice cream, IF you have the flexibility.

Sound too good to be true?

I need you to know that everything you’ve been told so far about dieting and losing body fat…


Love bread? EAT IT!

Have a sweet tooth? SATISFY IT!

Birthday coming up? ENJOY IT!

Whether you’re a single mum currently home schooling, or career focused and working 60+ hours from your living room

So What's Included?

Starting August 2nd

Elev8 ‘bible’

8 weeks of progressive training programmes

Train at home, in the gym or a mixture of both

Exclusive members area

Tailored macronutrients and calories

Flexible, done for you meal plans

Yoga, Stretching and Mindfulness webinars

Weekly challenges

Weekly ‘Coffee & Catch Up’ live chats with myself and our coaches

Continued support and accountability from expert female transformation coaches

Demonstration videos for all exercises

Access to our very own app where everything you need is stored

Digital training and progress log book

Glute activation protocol

Warm up, cool down and mobility guidance

Sleep protocols

Recipe books

Stress management strategies

Supplement guide

Elev8 ‘Group Graduation’ Hike