Meet the Team

Coach & all round STRONG gal

Lynn O'Leary

With a background in field sports and a passion for nutrition, Lynn supports our clients in transforming their mindsets around food and exercise. Through this she has helped over 100 women succeed in optimising their lifestyles while simultaneously feeling the most confident they have ever felt in their bodies.

Lynn’s career started with a Bachelor of Education, but nutrition and strength training was where her passion lay. Creativity around food and sharing online about how meals can be both nutritious and tasty was where her journey began. Combining both her love for health and educating others, Lynn went on to complete a Personal Training qualification focused around Strength & Conditioning coaching, a Nutrition certification and Pre & Post-Natal certifications which allow her to support her clients in elevating their lives through focusing on the foundations of health.

Through working as a coach independently and now with Team Elevate, Lynn’s experience and passion has only grown. Her own values are in line with the wonderful community of Elevate - ‘Optimisation, Education and Results’.

“My mission is to support as many women as possible in feeling confident, strong and empowered for the rest of their lives”