Meet the Team

Coach and accountability queen


Niamh has always had a passion for Health & Fitness. She is a big lover of tasty and nutritious food and she played many sports growing up - camogie, gaelic, basketball and swimming to name a few. In her 20’s, she went on a different road with exercise and joined the gym and has never looked back!

This passion has led her to helping over 100 people change their lifestyles and mindsets around food and exercise for the better and has given them the tools they need to succeed in their journey long term.

Niamh previously worked as an Accountant but something was missing from her day to day work and that was fulfillment! Niamh decided to pursue her interests and signed up to an evening and weekend Personal Training course. She took a leap to face her fears and changed careers after years in the Finance Industry and set up her Online Coaching business and also worked as a PT. She then went on to qualify as a Nutrition Coach the following year.
She has been on her own fitness and learning journey over the years and spent far too long not knowing what to do to achieve results and unfortunately just like many of you reading this, fell for many quick fix challenges and diets along the way.

Now that Niamh has the knowledge she was always looking for, she is determined to help as many people as she can to avoid making the same mistakes she did.

Niamh joined Team Elevate as her beliefs are firmly aligned with the Elevate core values of ‘Optimisation, Education and Results’.

Her day to day fulfillment in work now comes from supporting clients on their journey. A journey that is free from the quick fixes and fad diets that so many people still think are the way to make progress.

She does this by supporting our clients and teaching them the knowledge they need to live the healthy, balanced and enjoyable lifestyle they have always dreamed of.