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Gemma Stanley

Founder of Elevate
"Optimisation + Education = Results"


In a nutshell, Elevate is a small team of industry professionals that are fed up with seeing women like yourself going around in circles with the same FAD diets.

We believe in a no BS approach and put education at the forefront of all coaching programmes so that you will gain the knowledge, confidence and autonomy to maintain the results that you work so hard for.

Through a carefully balanced mix of personalised programming and unbeatable support in order to elevate not only your physical health but also your mental health and professional status, we produce awe-inspiring results and enviable transformations from women worldwide.

Now, Team Elevate exudes confidence, strength and provides a supportive community of like-minded go-getters regardless of where you are located.

Premium Online Coaching

You know the diets you’ve tried have worked short-term but you’re fed up of putting the weight back on afterward and worse, gaining even more!

Maybe you’re currently seeing results with your most recent diet, but you’re constantly tired and hungry… or maybe you’ll start on Monday? Either way, you know it’s time for a change and you need help figuring out what actually works long term.



Results & Testimonials

Still not convinced? Hear what some of our clients have to say about their own journey and time with Elevate.

Two years ago, I was drowning. Sleep deprivation and self-doubt are the killers of all your sanity as a mam. I’m not sure which starts first. I think they kinda bleed into each other in the end.

I was spiralling. My anxiety was through the roof. I wasn’t taking care of myself either. He consumed my every essence.

Now don’t get me wrong, your baby should be your priority and you should given them your everything. But that was just it, couldn’t. I was running on empty. I had nothing left to give him – or at least that’s now it felt. I had to do something…

That’s when I found my coach @gemma_nicole _stanley before the
team is what it is now: @teamelvt

I remember crying down the phone to Gem on the discovery call as she asked me questions about why I wanted to be coached and what my typical day was like. She was understanding and down right honest with me: “you can’t pour from an empty cup, Nat”

My journey started there. It just took one person to show me that all could be well again if I took a step back looked after myself for a

It tough to do because I felt like I was half arsing my role as a mother, but that time away for an hour in the gym (even if it was 8pm in the evening) was time for me to clear my head from a crazy day. Eventually, I had the physical and mental energy to cope with
whatever crazy was thrown at me by the unpredictable nature of a

Two years on, I have habits and routines in place that mean I have some control over that craziness. I have time for myself and time for
my family. You can do both – mummies out there struggling like I was – believe you can put your little AND yourself first. It’s not one or the other

Natalie Jones

“Before joining the team.. My favourite statement had become “I don’t have the time” which would be followed with any activity I thought was too much effort.

– I don’t have time to walk the dog
– I don’t have time to cook
– I don’t have time to do the washing

As a result I was at my heaviest and felt really unhappy. I wanted to change but it was overwhelming and I didn’t even know where to start!

This is when I took action and reached out to Gemma.. I can honestly say the decision to join team elevate was the best decision I made this year!

Gemma has made the journey really easy, she has taught me about nutrition and exercise which has give me to foundations to easily maintain my progression.

This is just the start of my journey and the way my life has changed for the better is unreal! My gym confidence is growing, I am over a stone down and the wins are coming weekly. I can’t wait to see what the next few months brings for me!”

Jordan Brown

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